Tom Burns, Bishop of Menevia

I ask you to do something difficult - difficult, because if it was easy you might have done it already. Ask yourself: does Church mean anything to me? Would I like to renew my association with the Church? If the answer is NO, then God and His priests have a tough task on their hands! But why not give them a chance to respond, anyway?

If, on the other hand, your answer is YES, then strike while the iron's hot! Call a priest and ask for an appointment, saying it's about coming back to the Church. If there's been a problem with your marriage, be open and honest about it.

If you've been disappointed in the past about the way a parish or school has spoken to you, draw a line in the sand. Have you been nursing a grievance? Start again. Let you and a priest talk together about the Church you both love: its strengths, its weaknesses, its opportunities, its threats. Get them all in perspective. You might be surprised at the outcome.

Everyone deserves a welcome, and that includes you, not least of all for making the effort to find a way back into the fold. As pilgrims, all of us can help one another to find the Lord in our lives, so that we can be supported in prayer and worship throughout the rest of our days in joyful as well as difficult moments. Those already who have devoted time and effort to this objective will tell us that it is not easy but definitely worth it. After going back there's no going back!